Biography of Hadi Hajilou

Hadi Hajilou is an Iranian singer and composer born in 1990 in Iran. He is also involved in filmmaking and songwriting.
His singing with his mother as a child revealed his talents. In elementary school, the school was authorized and praised by the delegations. He believes that praise at 
a young age has been instrumental in advancing his voice. He recorded his first studio song at the age of 18 in a local studio in the Tehransar
region, but it was not made public due to the lack of an
experienced program director. He then traveled to India to study filmmaking. At the same time as studying, he started working in the field of fashion and as a model, he collaborated with
many reputable brands and various magazines. His work in music resumed in 2012 with the release of pieces such as "DELTANGAM", "DELAM GEREFTEH" and "KENARE TO MAN AROOMAM" and many of his pieces have been released to this day. His first combined collaboration in Bollywood was with a
piece called "MERI ANKHON" with the collaboration of
prominent Bollywood composers in 2015. His style of music is a combination of traditional and
pop music. (According to him, if the Persian music
market had paid attention to the traditional
music style, he would
have specialized in this style.) He also specializes in mixing and mastering and has devoted all his energy to sound engineering.