Hadi Hajilou’s new song “MIKHAHAMAT” will be released soon.

Mikhahamat by Hadi Hajilou

Hadi Hajilou‘s new song “MIKHAHAMAT” will be released soon.
The composition is by “Tina Amy” and the arrangement is by “Maya Novva“.
This is the third joint collaboration between Hadi Hajilou and Navahang Company, who, after the successful songs “Kase Ab” and “Nafas“, will try a new collaboration with each other with a new song.
This song will be played simultaneously with two audio and video versions.

Cover Art by: Ali Nickamal

New video “GHAZALE 24” directed by Hadi Hajilou is out now.

Tina Amy FT, Maya Novva – Ghazale 24

Here is the newest music video from Tina Amy and Maya Novva which directed by Hadi Hajilou.

Video Credits:

Directors of photography: Evgenij Dubinski & Amir Hossein Atabakhsh

Production coordinations : Joerg Deisinger Documentary

Director: Hadi Hajilou

Label: Avang Music

Specially thanks to:

Mohammad Raoofi

Armin Hashemi

Studio 652 Nuremberg

Christian Hupfer

Faramarz Ahmadi

Reza Hajilou